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How many quiz games am i allowed to play per day?

Ans: 10

Do i need to pay a fee to register?

Ans: Registration is 100% free. After registration, make sure to set up your bank account details for payment.

Is it a must to complete all the ten quiz games per day?

Ans: No. But if you don't, you will be left with the risk of not winning anything by the end of the month.

Can a fellow player from a different team or the same team play more games than me?

Ans: Simple yes! This will only occur if you don't complete your own maximum of ten quiz games allocated to you per day and the other player does. This is the reason you must endeavour to complete all of your quiz games every day.

What if i'm not happy with my team mate(s) performance in my current club, can i join another team?

Ans: Yes, you can join another team of your choice. To join another team, click on the team name of club you would love to join. The link then redirects you to the team's profile and statistics page. There you will see the "Join this team" button. Click on it and a request will be sent to the captain of the team you want to join.

PS: Please be informed that before you can join a team, your favourite team worth must be greater than or equal to the amount you have in wallet. Else, you cannot join the team.

How can i be a team captain?

Ans: You can only be the captain of your team. You will need to have at least 50 points in your wallet before you can apply for a captain armband. And there can only be one captain per team. So if there is a captain already in your team before you apply, you can no longer be a captain. However, maybe, there is no captain already when you apply for it, you can proceed and 50 points will be deducted from your account's wallet. Therefore, you will become a captain with immediate effect.

What are the responsibilities of a captain?

Ans: A captain is responsible for signing players from other teams to his/her team. A captain stands as a link between a team and players in terms of signing players to his team. So if a player is to be bought, it is the duty of the captain to send a "Buy request" to the player in question. The player then accepts the request if interested in joining the team and the player will be bought. Or cancel the request as per the player's choice.

How do i win a prize at the end of the month?

Ans: For now, we reward only the top three finishers at the end of the month. So, as a result, you must endeavour to finish among the top three in order for you to be eligible to win cash prizes. Not only do we give cash prizes to the top three, we also credit their wallet with points. Good news, we also reward players from 4th to 10th position with ₦1,000 if they can score up to 100 points in a month.

Are the points in my wallet useful?

Ans: Yes! They are useful. In fact, one point equals one naira. So if for example you earn 30 points, you have earned ₦30. To convert the points in your wallet to cash, you will have to request for a cashout in your account dashboard. To cash out, simply enter the valid amount you have in your wallet and click the "Submit" button. Cashing out does not have a threshold. Meaning you can cash out with any point, at any time. And after your cashout, the equivalent points in your wallet will be doubled on payout only if you've got at least 150 score points for that month. Your score point is the same as points gained. So you will not have to be paid ₦30, but ₦60.

How long will it take me to earn these points in my wallet?

Ans: Try play and make sure you answer all the 10 football quiz questions presented to you each day and do this for a month. Always try your best to get most of the answers correctly. If your best is good enough, you will find yourself among the top three when the month ends. Therefore, you can be rest assured to earn yourself at least 10 points. If your performance is good while you earn these points, you will also be given some bonus points in addition.

What is the alternative method of earning points in my wallet apart from playing to answer football quiz every day?

Ans: Another option is to buy points directly from the website and pay with your bank card or account number. Then your wallet will be credited immediately with the number of points you have bought. There will be more options in the future. Options such as when you play another type of game different from football quiz.

Are the points i earn every day for a month the same with points in my wallet?

Ans: No! They are not. The points you earn every day throughout a month are to score you and rank you on the players table not the real points that you can convert to cash, but they are just used to determine how much of real points will be credited to your wallet for that month. The real points are the ones in your wallet. Any point a player has in his/her wallet is the player's worth/value.

How much exactly will i win in cash prize?

Ans: For now, top point earner for the month (which is the number one spot on the players table) will win ₦10,000, second highest point earner will take ₦7,000 And the third finisher takes ₦5,000.

Then, the top team will earn ₦30,000, while second placed team will receive ₦10,000 and the third team on the league table will receive ₦5,000. That is how it works. We will tripple the cash prize if the site grows with high demands of players.

If my team wins a cash prize, how much money will i earn from the team's revenue?

Ans: The fact that you are a member of the team that wins a prize for the month, you are eligible to receive your own share from the team's wealth. How much exactly will be left to your team's captain to decide. The captain of a team is responsible to allocate team's revenue share for the month to his/her fellow team players. Team's captain actually manages both the team's points and revenue. So what we do is we pay the cash prize a team wins for the month to the captain's bank account and will share the money with his/her fellow active players for that month. If a captain does not share the revenue with the deserved player(s), the affected player(s) should report this to the website administrator. We will take appropriate steps. Because every captain of a team is bound to share their team's revenue with the active players in the month they have played for. Captains must share the revenue within 48hours after the team's cash prize is paid into their bank accounts.

But in a case where a team has no captain yet, then the website administrator will manage only the team's revenue for the month directly pending the time a captain will emerge from the team. We don't want to force a captain to any team before a player or team can win prizes and points. Because being a captain has its own rules.

NOTICE THIS: by default, a player is eligible to receive their own share from the team's revenue only if they have played their games for at least 20 days.

How much will a captain earn from the team's revenue?

Ans: Every captain of a team is entitled to 10% of the team's revenue as a bonus and also share the remaining amount equally with the active players for that month.

Team's Revenue Formula For A Captain: Total amount of revenue * (10 / 100) + the remain amount after 10% bonus / total active players for that month.
Example: if the total number of active players for the month is 20 and the total revenue for the month is ₦30,000, then ₦30,000 * (10 / 100) = ₦3,000. So ₦30,000 - ₦3,000 = ₦27,000. ₦27,000 / 20 = ₦1,350. Therefore, each of the active players will receive ₦1,350 from the team's revenue including the captain. So captain's total share will be ₦1,350 + ₦3,000 = ₦4,350. However if a captain is not active for the month after becoming a captain, he/she is not eligible to receive any other share from the team's revenue apart from the bonus, which is ₦3,000 only.

How to play for bonus points?

Ans: If a player has completed his/her regular quiz games and the player's score points are below average, then a "bonus points" button will be presented so the player can click to enter the bonus point mode. A mode where another set of 5 questions will be shown to the player one after the other to answer.

How do i create a custom team?

Ans: To create your own custom team, you must have at least 100 points in your wallet. If you are eligible, you will see a "Create a team" button in your account. Click it and follow the instructions to create a team.

What are the benefits of creating my own custom team?

Ans: If you create a custom team successfully, you will automatically become the captain of your team. You can perform all the things a captain can do, and also features captains don't have. For example, captains from predefined football teams cannot sell players but can only sign player to their team on players' request. Meanwhile, a custom team owner can sign a player, sell off a player to another team of their choice and gain all the value a player is worth from his/her wallet. A custom team owner can decide to share the team's revenue with fellow team players or not if his team wins cash prize in any given month. The choice is theirs. A football team owner is the administrator of his/her team.

Every custom team owner should be aware that the team they created will expire three(3) months after the date of creation. Then they will have to join a predefined football team over again in order to continue playing. After your team's expiry date is reached, you will have to wait for another one month before you will be eligible to recreate your custom team even when you have enough points to create it. That makes it a total of 4 months before you can recreate your team again. Then it goes on and on like that.

How many teams can be created?

Ans: We only allow the maximum of three(3) custom teams to be created per month.

Can i create more than one custom team?

Ans: No! A player can only create just one custom team per account if they are eligible to do so in the first place.

What is the website administrator's advice to the players?

Ans: Don't miss a game and start playing to accumulate points now. Only you will discover that you've gone far ahead of your fellow competitors. Start playing early is the ultimate path towards winning cash prizes every month.