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How many quiz games am i allowed to play per day?

Ans: 10

Is it a must to complete all the ten quiz games per day?

Ans: No. But if you don't, you will be left with the risk of not winning anything by the end of the month.

Can a fellow player from a different team or the same team play more games than me?

Ans: Simple yes! This will only occur if you don't complete your own maximum of ten quiz games allocated to you per day and the other player does. This is the reason you must endeavour to complete all of your quiz games every day.

What if i'm not happy with my team mate(s) performance in my current club, can i join another team?

Ans: Yes, you can join another team of your choice. To join another team, click on the team name of club you would love to join. The link then redirects you to the team's profile and statistics page. There you will see the "Join this team" button. Click on it and a request will be sent to the captain of the team you want to join.

PS: Please be informed that before you can join a team, your favourite team worth must be greater than or equal to the amount you have in wallet. Else, you cannot join the team.

How can i be a team captain?

Ans: You can only be the captain of your team. You will need to have at least 50 points in your wallet before you can apply for a captain armband. And there can only be one captain per team. So if there is a captain already in your team before you apply, you can no longer be a captain. However, maybe, there is no captain already when you apply for it, you can proceed and 50 points will be deducted from your account's wallet. Therefore, you will become a captain with immediate effect.

What are the responsibilities of a captain?

Ans: A captain is responsible for signing players from other teams to his/her team. A captain stands as a link between a team and players in terms of signing players to his team. So if a player is to be bought, it is the duty of the captain to send a "Buy request" to the player in question. The player then accepts the request if interested in joining the team and the player will be bought. Or cancel the request as per the player's choice.
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